Night Time Entertainers

Control Leeds Stilts (TPS)

I would like to introduce you to what we get up to at night..

(No not that..)

We have specialised in providing entertainment to night clubs that make all nights memorable ones. From full dance, fire, and angle grinding stage shows, to B-Boys, acrobatic performers and walkabout entertainment, Team Power Stilts do it all. over the past 8 years we’ve delivered a bespoke service to probably (by now) hundreds of Nightclubs and Evening Entertainment hotspots nationwide.

We have our usual Agencies who have us regularly to cater for their clients as well as strong relationships with our own clients all over the UK. In 2014 and before you will have usually found us performing on our Jumping Stilts on the street making noise and performing for passers by in a very vein (but most usually successful) attempt at having them join us inside the clubs later that night to see our stage shows.

f Angle Grinding Fire Performer g B-Boys (1) e Fire Performers

d Fire Performances

Night Time Entertainers