Team Power Stilts on Television

Team Power Stilts on TV (CBBC Appearances)

CBBC WILD With TPS (Team Power Stilts)

We are proud to say that TPS have been used for Various things on TV adverts and Appearances.

Most notably over the last couple months Team Power Stilts have appeared on some well known programs working in conjunction with various TV Production Companies on behalf of CBBC.

Below are a couple we are most proud of;

CBBC WILD with Naomi Wilkinson, Tim Warwood and Radzi Chinyanganya
and CBBC Kickabout with John Farnworth, Enjoy!

CBBC Kickabout with TPS (Team Power Stilts)

Alton Towers – Update Summer 2015

The ATTP Blog Alton Towers Traffic Police

Summer Fun at Alton Towers as The ATTP (Alton Towers Traffic Patrol)

Also known as “The Fun Police” we have been developing something special for the past few months. In conjunction with Merlin Entertainments and Alton Towers, The ATTP are hitting the streets while bringing street theatre, acrobatics and comedy to the Iconic theme park in Staffordshire.

Because Alton Towers is so busy With the summer in full swing, “The ATTP” have made a great impression on guests arriving and then later leaving the park, drawing them in HUGE crowds while clapping and cheering along with the Patrol.

The ATTP at Alton Towers The ATTP at Alton Towers The ATTP at Alton Towers

Check out the video to see what they’ve been up too!

#AltonTowers #ATTP #AltonTowersTrafficPatrol #TeamPowerStilts

The ATTP - Alton Towers Traffic Police

Alton Towers – Update Summer 2015

Bahrain F1 Grand Prix 2015

IMG_01Another Week – Another Adventure! The Bahrain F1 Grand Prix

This was a good one, 3 of us flew out to Bahrain for a very special job. Myself, Bruce and Alex joined forces to perform for the masses at the race. We arrived in Bahrain greeted very happily by our Chaperone for the day, she would sort out our Visas and whisk us through security gates and then find our bus. Very helpful indeed.
We quickly found ourselves in various Magazines and booklets for the event alongside lots of other entertainment..

The bus ride to the track never got boring. “Crammed” for an hour we where mixed in with entertainment from around the world we instantly made lots of new friends.

IMG_0748 IMG_0749 IMG_0516 IMG_0478

Not letting the scorching heat put us off we boldly performed our set show 4 times a day over the next 3 days at various locations close to the track. Oh! The crowds grew so fast! But luckily, we where ready for them!

IMG_0514 IMG_0348  vlcsnap-2015-05-15-16h40m01s3_Snapseedvlcsnap-2015-05-15-16h53m00s115_Snapseed

vlcsnap-2015-05-15-16h53m36s232_Snapseed vlcsnap-2015-05-15-16h54m27s212_Snapseed

Working alongside us at the track where around 160+ other performers from all different locations around the world. There where Musicians, Acrobats, Circus Artists and Balloon Modellers to name a few!

IMG_0434 IMG_0384 IMG_0375  IMG_0413 IMG_0377 IMG_0469IMG_0515 IMG_0338

Finally Some fun snaps from the trip, The whole event was a great experience and it was good to meet so many new people and make lots of new Performing Friends! Hopefully returning next year with something bigger, one can only dream! 😉

IMG_0474  IMG_0400 IMG_0391 IMG_0502IMG_0350 IMG_0473

Not Just a bunch of Acrobats

Cover Photo2

Jump Nation – Indoor Trampoline Park

We where recently hired to produce not one, but a series of videos for the amazing “Jump Nation – Indoor Trampoline Park”
Jump Nation is an amazing place, it’s basically a building FILLED With trampolines.

We got to see the place before it opened to the public to get a feel for the environment…

Jump Nation Pre-Opeing TPS Jump Nation Pre-Opening TPS 2

After a few weeks of messing about with our cameras and getting used to doing our acrobatics from one trampoline to another we set to the task of making a video from all the mountains of footage we had accumulated over the course of the last few weeks. The result was a pre-opening video (See Below) that has now racked up well over 50,000 views on youtube!

As time has passed we have also produced 10 Tutorial episodes as well as a few other promotional videos for all the different activities they run at Jump Nation. It’s been great fun and we hope to do more for them as time goes on.

Jump Nation Quadcopter Team Power Stilts  Cameras Filming Equipment TPS Videography Jump Nation - Dodgeball Promo

We love making videos, so when a chance to do that and get paid came up.. we couldn’t say no..

Not Just a bunch of Acrobats

Not Just a bunch of Acrobats

Not Just a bunch of Acrobats

Not Just a bunch of Acrobats

Night Time Entertainers

Control Leeds Stilts (TPS)

I would like to introduce you to what we get up to at night..

(No not that..)

We have specialised in providing entertainment to night clubs that make all nights memorable ones. From full dance, fire, and angle grinding stage shows, to B-Boys, acrobatic performers and walkabout entertainment, Team Power Stilts do it all. over the past 8 years we’ve delivered a bespoke service to probably (by now) hundreds of Nightclubs and Evening Entertainment hotspots nationwide.

We have our usual Agencies who have us regularly to cater for their clients as well as strong relationships with our own clients all over the UK. In 2014 and before you will have usually found us performing on our Jumping Stilts on the street making noise and performing for passers by in a very vein (but most usually successful) attempt at having them join us inside the clubs later that night to see our stage shows.

f Angle Grinding Fire Performer g B-Boys (1) e Fire Performers

d Fire Performances

Night Time Entertainers

Alton Towers 2015

Team Power Stilts at CBeebies Land Grand Opening in 2014

Team Power Stilts at CBeebies Land Grand Opening in 2014

  IMG_9642 IMG_9758 IMG_0205
Lets continue 2015 by sharing some awesome news. You may or may not know that Team Power Stilts have just been performing at one of the UK’s most iconic theme parks. Alton towers has continued to host us this year as we present our new unique show to the resort.

Throughout 2015 you will find us Performing at the park on Peak Days right when the park opens at 10am then on multiple sets all over the day at various locations around

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.38.46IMG_0157The Geese hope to see you sometime this year
at Alton Towers!

Soho Square – Egypt

Hello, welcome to our new Blog.

As time goes on we hope to share news thats going on with the team and keep track of everything we have been up too. Our adventures will feature heavily on this blog!

I want to kick off 2015 by sharing something we did at the end of last year.. Myself and Bruce travelled to Sharm El Sheikh and performed for all of December in a little outdoor shopping centre called “SOHO Square”. Its a hotspot for Russian tours and someone looking for a package holiday in the Sun.

The Square itself is a bit of a random place, filled with Bronze Statues and themed areas around the “British Pubs”. Although we never really went in them it’s where you would find 90% of all the Brits every night of the week. We would perform 5 nights a week near to the fountain that would go off on the hour, every hour.

SOHO Square Lights Brit Pub SOHO Square Fontana Bar SOHO Square Panda SOHO Square

Basically we spent half our time training on the beach and the other half making videos and relaxing by the pool.. occasionally making time to head to the square to perform our show in the evenings when it got busier.

Highlights of the Trip include a Quad biking tour of the near by Mountains and a Scuba diving trip to one of the local reefs.

Soho Square – Egypt

Soho Square – Egypt

Soho Square – Egypt

Soho Square – Egypt

Soho Square – Egypt